What Is This?

Hear It From Me

  • It's a lifestyle blog! - In a way, yes. My personal life and interests are certainly what has brought us together, but this is as much about me as it is you.

  • It's an advice column! - It can be, I'm open to the idea. It would be amazing for us to connect, share, and receive one another's perspective.

  • It's a personal brand! - You hit the nail on the head. This website is not all about me, rather what I represent and stand for.


About the Blog

I bet you are wondering what kind of crap I will be spouting in your direction. Absolutely none. Everyone here should be invested in their personal growth and development. Which then translates to a community serving the purpose of bettering themselves with one another's support. The best part is retaining individuality and progressing as inclusive, well-rounded members of society.

Image by Tim Marshall
Image by Stefano Pollio

Authentically Ashlie

Truthfully, I could post my photo and tell you all about who I am. I'd rather not because who I am is a member like you. On this website, we share the same role and are of equal significance. As a member, hopefully like you, I am a resource and someone with whom you may exchange ideas and opinions. 


If you are genuinely curious about who I am, feel free to scroll down.